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Putting Words In A Row Cleverly Enough That People Will Pay For Them.


Experience a brisk-read written in journalistic style in this memoir by award-winning writer M. Dennis Taylor. He is a South Florida native and a lifetime, part-time Keys resident with 40-years in the writing business. In addition to teaching the craft, his words have appeared in local, regional, national and international publications as well as on radio and TV across the country.

     Now Taylor turns his fingers to smuggling excitement in this book. It's a fast-moving tale filled with adventure, humor and an in-depth look behind the scenes of the smuggling industry in the Keys, all over Florida and throughout the United States.

     It's not the typical smuggler tell-all. It's real stories of real people down the street from you. There are no shoot-em-up scenarios, no one on the crew even gets a broken arm, although someone does get a broken nose.

     With a huge cast of characters bringing color to the stories of Don and his friend and business partner, Butch, they make and spend millions of dollars as marijuana smugglers living a play-filled life under assumed names.

     It's a fun ride because no matter how many millions of dollars the Feds might force a smuggler to forfeit if they take a fall, they can't repossess all the great times they had spending the money they made and went through living a life of easy money. The memories remain and for adventure there is risk.

     Semi-retired, Taylor’s work now runs in weekly newspapers and a city magazine, His advertising copywriting has received accolades and awards. Taylor is the author of three books, the perennial president of The American Society of Professional Copywriters and he mentors young writers in his free time.


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