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Oh, The Places We've Been...

Of The Adventure

Smuggling Tales

Sailing Boat
Flying Single-Engine Planes On
2200 Mile Trips.


“Back then nobody figured a single-engine plane would or could fly into Colombia to pick up marijuana and bring it back, because it was a stupid, dangerous thing to do!”

Cherokee 6 line.png
They Took Down The Fence and Shooed
Away The Cows...


The landing was tough, with the props slashing up banana plants, but the real problem: “When we got there, there was no marijuana available because it was out of season.”

banana plants.png
Don Had Prepared His Whole Life
For The Flights.

“If a twin-engine plane loses an engine, you’re going down, it just may take a while,” so Don flew single engine planes because “there were only half as many engines to break.”

Stuck With No One For 1000 Miles In Any Direction.


They met with disaster when they ran hard aground on an uncharted reef one night under full sail. The crew scrambled to lower the sails as the boat slammed to a stop.

sailboat aground.png

Our lawyer said to post that this book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental and the result of our imagination not changing them around enough. So, Feds, put down your note pads.


“A true page turner, I kept reading one more chapter to see what would happen next!”



- Gary M. -

“I couldn't believe this guy was flying planes like that. It's a great story."


- Jesse T. -

“I enjoyed the story very much. It's his best work and I been reading his stuff for 55 years.”


- Dennis' Mom -

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